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9:15 a.m.-Kayla Gilmore

9:25 a.m.-Zeta Youth Mime Dance Team

9:35 a.m.-Becca Brekenridge

9:45 a.m.-Sarah Blanton

10:00 a.m.-Becca and Anna Breckenridge 

10:10 a.m.-Ainsley Dobbs

10:15 a.m.-Susan Allen School of Dance

10:30 a.m.-Shun Holmes and The Dancing 


10:45 a.m.-Anna Breckenridge

11:00 a.m.-SPECIAL GUEST

                  MISSISSIPPI ACADEMY OF 

                  PERFORMING ARTS

11:50 a.m.-Fallon Traweek

11:55 a.m.-Mary Katherine Munn

12:00 p.m.-Happy Arnold-Peters Singers

12:15 p.m.-National Dance Day Dance

9:15 A.M.
Kayla Gilmore

Kayla Marie Gilmore is a professional dancer, singer, actor. She is the owner of KMG Creations Dance, Fitness and Productions. She teaches in various style of dance styles ranging from ballet, African, hip hop, liturgical and lyrical. Kayla Marie is also noted for her high energy, breath taking rendition of the “Fanga Dance” by legendary dancer Dr. Pearl Primus. This dance is rarely known and taught around the world. Accompanied drumming of that performance was by Dr. Robert Damm. See Kayla perform the "Fanga Dance" by clicking here or here

Kayla has literally worked with over 600 youths in Starkville teaching dance and creative movement classes. She is heavily involved in her church at FUMC Starkville were she is the Director of the Liturgical Dance Group. She is a board member of the SAAC, Starkville Election Commissioner, Healthy home Town and many more community activities. Recently she taught a liturgical dance workshop at the United Methodist Annual Conference to a packed room. She works closely with movie productions providing dancing and choreography. One of her proudful productions was to be apart of the God Father of Funk's movie, James Brown: Get on Up. When she is not teaching or traveling. she enjoys spending time with her family . Her favorite biblical inspiration is Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ." She will be performing an originally choreographed Negro Spiritual Interpretative dance on Saturday.

9:25 A.M.
Zeta Youth Mime Dance Team

Zeta Youth Mime Youth Group is under their direction of Zeta Phi Beta, Phi Lambda Zeta Chapter. Phi Lamda Zeta Chapter work closely with the youth providing leadership skills and character development. The Zeta Youth Mime dance team will be performing at 9:25a.m.

9:35 A.M.
Becca Breckenridge

Becca Breckenridge is a Level 5 company dancer and current member at the Academy of Competitive and Performing Arts owned by Mrs. Ashley Maples. She has been dancing at ACPA for 12 years and competing for 8 years where she is currently sharing her passion for dance by teaching younger students at ACPA. She currently loves teaching the younger kids at her studio and sharing her passion for dance. She was named runner up to  Miss KAR, 4th overall teen soloist at Applause competition, “Miss Fierce Attack of Applause,” and 2nd place overall Senior Soloist in 2016. This competition season, she also won awards including: 2nd place in the lyrical category, 2nd place overall Senior Soloist at applause, and many more. Saturday, she will be performing her new solo for the upcoming competition season called "Bless" choreographed by Katie Davis. She will also be performing her new solo called "Hypericum" choreographed by Tanner Fant.  She hopes you enjoy her performance.  

9:45 A.M.
Sarah Blanton

Sara is the 14-year-old daughter of Pam and Steve Blanton. She is a 9th grader at Starkville High School. She attends First United Methodist Church were she is heavily involved with her the youth department and a liturgical dancer with the church Liturgical Dance Group under the direction of Kayla Gilmore. She recently made her debut in the Starkville Community Theatre's production of P.L.A.Y.

10:00 A.M.
Anna and Becca Breckenridge

Becca and Anna Breckenridge began dancing under the direction of Ms. Glenda  Clark at Dancing Feet Academy and are currently training at ACPA under the  direction of Ashley Maples.  They both have experience in all genres of dance as  well as gymnastics. Becca is a member of the Starkville Academy varsity cheer  squad and Anna is a member of the Starkville Academy JV cheer squad.  Both girls  are members of the advanced competitive team at ACPA and enjoy competing and attending dance conventions. 

10:10 A.M.
Ainsley Dobbs

Ten year old Ainsley Reagan Dobbs is a Level 4 Company Dance member at the Academy of Competitive and Performing Arts.  She has been training in dance and gymnastics since she was two years old, and competing at the regional and national level for the last 5 years.  Ainsley trains in the genres of ballet, jazz, lyrical, acrobatics, hip-hop and contemporary.   Ainsley is a very committed and talented dancer, and has won numerous regional and national awards, including “Jump VIP Winner” “Miss Petite Starpower 2015,” Miss Petite And Miss Junior Platinum", “Miss Petite Applause 2015,” Celebration Talent’s regional “Dancer of the Year 2014,” and Hollywood Connection’s “ICON Dancer of the Year”.  This summer she has competed as the Mini International Dance Idol and in the highly coveted Best Dancer Competition at The Dance Awards.  Ainsley has trained all over the country with top choreographers and has also won numerous individual high-score and specialty awards, as well as performed in numerous award winning group dances.  Ainsley has a very distinct passion and talent for dance, and has a very special gift for competing and performing. Not only is she a very advanced dancer, she is also gifted in modeling, singing, and tumbling and is pursuing all of these gifts.  Ainsley is the daughter of Mark and Melanie Dobbs and the granddaughter of Sharon Powe and the late Dr. RalphE. Powe.  This solo was choreographed by award winning top choreographer Kristin McQuaid of Los Angeles.

10:15 A.M.
Susan Allen School of Dance

The Susan Allen School of Dance (SASD) was established in 1940 by Susan Chambless Allen. The School has been operating successfully for 76 years. Current instructors include, Claire Allen Gaines and Jami Strickland.  KMG Creations is thrilled to have the Susan Allen School of Dance participating in Dancing in the Park. The dancers participating are Bailey Holly, Molly Tompkins, Janey Beth McRae, and Murry Catherine Alderman. They will perform a tap dance, a ballet dance, and a Jazz routine. All four girls have been students of the Susan Allen School of Dance under the instruction Claire Gaines and Jamie Haley for eight years and are members of the Sass Squad competition team. They attend Winona Elementary School and have received recognition for having all A’s this school year. In addition to taking dance and being on the honor roll the girls participate in many other activities. Murry Catherine Alderman is on the Archery team at Winona Elementary and is an avid runner participating in 5K and 10Ks throughout the state. Janey Beth McRae enjoys singing and has had the honor to sing the national anthem at many local and state events. Bailey Holly is also on the Archery team at Winona Elementary. She has also participated in the Moscow Ballet’s Dance with Us program. Molly Tompkins has performed in several productions of the Montgomery County Arts Council and she was recently voted Best of Crossroad 2016 Best Child Actress.

10:30 A.M.
Shun Holmes and The Dancing Pinks

Shun is the fitness instructor and coordinator for the aerobic classes at the OCH Regional Medical Center. Shun has trained at wellness for the past 17 years and has been practicing dance for around 10 years. Her dancing started out as a personal training regimen for one particular OCH patient who wanted to stay active despite illness and who had a passion for dance. The two danced to soul music for months until the gentleman wasn't able to participate any longer. However, the man's wife and her friends joined the class which would maintain the groups existence for several years. Later Shun discovered zumba and fell in love with dance all over again. Renewed in her passion, Shun started her own class featuring her personal style of zumba as well including hip hop salsa and soul. According to Shun, "The ladies who attend this class are fireballs! I'm very pleased to have them dance with me wherever I go!" Shun's group is know as The Dancing Pinks and Shun encourages anyone interested to join.

10:45 A.M.
Anna Breckenridge

Anna Breckenridge has been dancing since the age of 3.  She is a competitive dancer with the Academy of Competitive and Performing Arts where she’s competed for 8 years.  She is currently on the Level 4 team.  She has won numerous  awards in the southeast for her solos including top 5 at Open Call pre‐teen  division and top 10 at Starpower teen division. She also won a Judges Choice  award at Starpower in 2015 and 3rd runner up to overall Teen Soloist at IDC in  2016. She has also won a Judges Choice award at Starpower in 2015.Anna will be performing a contempory solo choreographed by Tanner Fant entitled “Clean”.  

11:00 A.M.

Mississippi Academy of Performing Arts (MSAPA) was created in West point, MS in 2010 by industry professionals with the goal of training and preparing youth for a professional career in performing arts. Artistic Director, Betty Griffin began her training in ballet, jazz, lyrical, clogging, pointe, tap, and hip-hop.  Of her 18 years of continued training, she has danced professionally for 14 of those years. From performing in Branson, Mo and on the open seas on the Royal Caribbean cruise line, her career has taken her from the stage spot lights to appearing on worldwide television specials and commercials. Vocal Coach and Trainer, Thomas Griffin began his career singing in the church his father pastored at the age of 6. He began training in Nashville and continued training throughout his career.  During his 20+ years of touring across North America he studied sound engineering and has engineered and produced many projects that included charting songs. MSAPA offers professional training by professional teachers.

Notable accomplishments of their award winning students include being invited to the World Finals held in New Jersey to face teams from all over the world for the last three years.  Students have also been invited to New York to train on Broadway and been awarded multiple First place Over All, Choreography, Judges and Teacher Awards in various competitions. Additionally, Students have competed in National Competitions in Panama City, FL and Charlotte, SC.

MSAPA offers training in West Point and Caledonia, Ms in Ballet, Tap, Hip-hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Pom Pom, Musical Theatre, Voice, Acro, Cheer and always adding new styles.  For more information click here or email them.

11:50 A.M.
Fallon Traweek

Fallon Traweek is a Level 5 Company Dancer at the Academy of Competitive and Performing Arts.  Fallon is highly trained in the genres of ballet, acrobatics, lyrical, contemporary and jazz.  She has won numerous placements for her solos as well as many other specialty and technical awards at the regional and national level.  She hopes you enjoy her performance.

11:55 A.M.
Mary Katherine Munn

Mary Katherine Munn is a Level 5 Company Dancer at the Academy of Competitive and Performing Arts, where she has been competing for four years.  Mary is highly trained in the genres of ballet, acrobatics, lyrical, contemporary and jazz.  Dancing is particularly enjoyable for her because the friendships formed as a result.  She has won two regional titles for her solos and many other specialty and technical awards.  She hopes you enjoy her performance.

12:00 P.M.
Happy Arnold-Peters Singers

Formed by John Robert Arnold and the late Dr. Fenton Peters, Happy Arnold-Peters Singers is excited to join us at Dancing in the Park. 

12:15 P.M.
National Dance Day Dance

At 12:15 p.m. on Saturday we will join dancers across the nation to celebrate National Dance Day by performing the official National Dance Day dance routine.